About BIM

One of the principal missions of BIM Trichy is to achieve the pillars of sustainable development goals through digital technologies and contribute to community building. Several programs by the Centre for Sustainable Development Goals such as Social Immersion Programme (SIP) which are integral part of the curriculum help the Institute advance the UN’s SDGs. The congregation theme, thus, aligns with the ethos of BIM Trichy, SDGs of the United Nations,and a human-centered society. In the proposed edition of Athenaeum, the institute will conduct invited lectures from industry and academia, research presentations, and the industry showcase of sustainable products/services. While the congregation aims to establish BIM Trichy as a thought leader in sustainability and society 5.0, it also provides a comprehensive platform to connect the industry, government, and academia. BIM Trichy, through Athenaeum, will act as the facilitator towards sustainable human-centered society and local business ecosystem. From the academic research perspective, it will promote the scope of collaboration and research outcomes of internal faculty/students.
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