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1. What does the word “Athenaeum” stands for? Who organises Athenaeum?
Athenaeum is derived from Greek word “Athenion”, the temple of Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Civilization, where scholars congregated to deliberate and nurture philosophy.

Center for Contemporary Management & Research (CECMAR), the research wing of Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM) conducts Athenaeum, the International Conference on Management Research.

2. Who attends “Athenaeum”?
The conference has always seen large scale participation from high-profile researchers, practitioners, consultants and students from both India and abroad.  

3. What is the purpose and contribution of “Athenaeum”?
True to its name, Athenaeum has been a confluence of academicians, research scholars, consultants, practitioners and industry leaders discussing and sharing ideas that could transform the future of Management.

It intends to showcase scholarly work from the academia and industry on the same platform, providing professional forum for idea interchange. Athenaeum contributes to the discipline and professional development across different areas of Management and offers a platform for researchers to improve and fine tune their research works.

Athenaeum has produced several quality research works, while offering opportunities to publish in (i) Journal of Contemporary Management Research (JCMR) (ii) Proceedings of the Conference and (iii) Edited book on a specific central theme.

4. How much overseas participation did the previous editions of “Athenaeum” register?
Delegates from countries such as USA, UK, France, Mexico, Hungary, Belgium, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Israel, Taiwan, Pakistan and Ghana, etc., have participated in Athenaeum and presented their scholarly works.

5. What type of papers can be submitted for the conference?
Research Paper This category covers papers which report on any type of research undertaken by the author(s). The research may involve the construction or testing of a model or framework, action research, testing of data, market research or surveys, empirical, scientific or clinical research.
Conceptual Paper These papers will not be based on research but will develop hypotheses. The papers are likely to be discursive and will cover philosophical discussions and comparative studies of others' work and thinking.
Case Study Case studies describe actual interventions or experiences within organizations. They may well be subjective and will not generally report on research. A description of a legal case or a hypothetical case study used as a teaching exercise would also fit into this category.
Literature Review It is expected that all types of paper cite any relevant literature so this category should only be used if the main purpose of the paper is to annotate and/or critique the literature in a particular subject area. It may be a selective bibliography providing advice on information sources or it may be comprehensive in that the paper's aim is to cover the main contributors to the development of a topic and explore their different views.
General Review This category covers those papers which provide an overview or historical examination of some concept, technique or phenomenon. The papers are likely to be more descriptive or instructional ("how to" papers) than discursive.     

(Source: Emerald Publishing Guidelines)

6. What is a Full-Paper (FP)?  What are the benefits to author(s)?
Full Paper is a complete and full-length research paper which describes and includes: Structured Abstract, Research Objectives, Theoretical Background, Hypothesis, Methodology, Analysis, Findings, Implications, Contribution/Value, Research Limitations, Conclusion, References, tables, figures, annexures and data sheets (whichever is applicable).

Author(s) will ensure completeness of the paper in all dimensions as per research standards & styles so that paper is ready for publishing in Conference Proceedings.  Accepted 'Full Papers' will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Abstracts of accepted Full Papers will be published in Book of Abstracts. Selected ‘Full Papers,’ will be published in a Book with ISBN while the Best Papers will be published in the Journal of Contemporary Management Research (JCMR). After the Conference, authors can submit their full Papers to JCMR for consideration.

7. What is Work-in-Progress (WIP) paper? What are the benefits to researcher(s)?

  1. Work-in-Progress (WIP) Paper is a write-up of ongoing/completed/new research in 6-8 pages.
  2. Standard research paper format shall be attempted
  3. Researchers/authors can submit their ongoing research for presentation before thought leaders and expert reviewers in respective domain for critical inputs.
  4. Extended Abstract of selected WIP paper will be published in the Book of Abstracts
  5. After the Conference, authors can submit their full Paper to JCMR for consideration after completing the paper in all respects.

8. What is Extended Abstract (EA)? What are the benefits to researcher(s)?

  1. Extended Abstract is a short write-up of the ongoing/completed/new research in max. 1500 words
  2. Major research components like “Purpose or Research Objectives, Methodology/Design, Research Findings, Implications, Contribution/Value, Conclusion, etc., should be described in the EA.
  3. Extended Abstract will be published in the Book of Abstracts
  4. After the Conference, authors can submit their full Paper to JCMR for consideration after completing the paper in all respects

9. Will there be any award/reward for the Best Papers?
Among full-papers accepted for the conference, two best papers (one from each category viz., General and Scholar) will be awarded cash prize and certificate of merit. A panel of experts will make the decision, and their decision will be final and binding.

10. What are the various payment modes available for paying conference registration fee? What is the refund policy?
Registration Fee can be paid through Demand Draft (DD) or NEFT or Online Transfer. Conference registration opens on 1st June 2017 and will be open till 15th Dec 2017.

Payment Mode            Details/Information
Demand Draft
(from any nationalised bank)
DD from any nationalised Bank in favour of “BHARATHIDASAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT" payable at Tiruchirappalli.
  • Transaction costs incurred, if any should be borne by the author
  • Acknowledgement will be sent through e-mail or post after confirmation by our accounts department.
Name of the Bank: City Union Bank Ltd.,
Address: City Union Bank Ltd., Thuvakudi,
Old No.8/55, Anna Salai
TRICHY 620 022
A/c No. :  210109000158263
IFS Code:   CIUB0000210
Online Payment     
  • Taxes including any other costs incurred for the transaction should be borne by the author
  • Acknowledgement will be sent through e-mail or post after confirmation by our accounts department.
Pay Conference Fee Online at :  http://athenaeum.bim.edu/

11. What is the refund policy?
In case paper is not accepted for presentation in the conference and any registration fee, if paid will be reimbursed within two months from the date of conference. However, there will be no refund in case of: withdrawal of submission (or) cancellation of presentation or any other circumstance.

12. What are the opportunities for publication through this conference?
We expect this conference to have a high turnout from both academic and non-academic arenas with sizeable contingent of foreign researchers / contributors. Athenaeum 2018, therefore, presents an attractive opportunity to engage with a network of researchers and practitioners apart from associating with a prestigious management institution.

With a mix of high-profile practitioners and thought leaders in their respective fields, 'Athenaeum 2018' will provide impulses to the emerging global dialogue on mastering the key challenge of managing transformation. It will dive into exemplary research insights that point at a new direction. Delegates from industry will also gain new insights from concrete facts that they might include in their strategies and their own practices as they prepare for the future. 

14. Whether author name(s) can be changed after submission?
Yes. Only primary or corresponding author can change/add/delete author names. Any changes/updates in author names should be done by signing in EasyChair account at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=athenaeum2018. Primary author should send an e-mail to athenaeum2018@bim.edu marking copy to all authors involved. Note: This provision is available till deadline for submitting manuscript of full paper /WIP / EA.

15. Who will hold copyright(s) of the paper(s) submitted to ATHENAEUM?
Author(s) will retain copyright over their work, while allowing ‘CECMAR’ to publish in the conference proceedings and/or in compendium/book which can be distributed in physical and/or electronic format.

16. Should every author (of a paper) pay conference fee for registration?
Yes. Inclusion of the final paper in the conference is subject to the registration(s) by corresponding author(s) before deadline. All authors of the paper should register separately for conference by paying applicable conference fee.  If author(s) do not pay registration fee, his/her name(s) will be removed from the corresponding manuscript.

17. Should every author of a paper attend the conference?
Preferably all authors should attend the conference. However, it is mandatory that at-least one author attend the conference for presenting paper.

18. Whether presentation ‘In-Absentia’ allowed?
Only in situations of emergencies or exigencies, the conference Chair/Co-Chair can grant special permission for presenting in-absentia. However, registration(s) by corresponding author(s) should have been completed before deadline.

19. What time shall I have for my presentation?
Max. 25 minutes will be allowed for each presentation including Q&A session, expert(s) comments, etc.

20. What is the presentation equipment available in a conference room?
Presentation rooms will be equipped with a laptop and projector for PowerPoint presentations (no transparency projector will be available). Presentations in PPT should be submitted through e-mail to athenaeum2018@bim.edu on or before the stipulated date.  However, we advise you to bring your presentation on a flash drive (USB drive).

21. Can I use my presentation elsewhere?
Authors are free to use their presentations elsewhere after the conference is completed.

22. Can I publish my paper/article elsewhere?
Articles that have been/will be published in the Journal of Contemporary Management Research (JCMR) should not be published in other journals or primary publications.

23. When the conference program schedule will be available?
The conference program schedule will be on the conference website 7 days before the conference.

24. What if I missed a deadline?
If you miss a deadline, please contact us by e-mail (athenaeum2018@bim.edu).

25. Is there any dress code at the ATHENAEUM conference?
We do not have a dress code. However, formal attire during the conference is appreciated.

26. Can I bring guest(s) along with me to attend the conference?
Yes. However any additional guest(s) should register as ‘Delegate’ to attend the conference.

27. How should I/we reach Chennai?
Chennai is one of the largest metros and global city in India located on the banks of Bay of Bengal.

By Air
Chennai has an international airport and is connected very well from all major cities in India and from any part of the world.

By Rail
Chennai is an important junction in the Southern Indian Railways. It connects to all major cities in India and various other cities.

By Road
Chennai is very well connected by road from all major cities in India.

28. Where can I stay in Chennai?
Chennai has a wide range of luxury and budget hotels (close to the venue) at par with the international standards. Delegates can book their accommodation at hotels near conference venue. See ‘Accommodation Info’ for more details.

29. Will there be any assistance in identifying and booking suitable accommodation?
Yes. Our hospitality team can help you in identifying and booking suitable hotel/accommodation. However, guests concerned are responsible for any cancellations and payments, if any.

30. Will there be someone to receive or drop me at the Airport/Railway/Bus terminal?
Yes. Team Athenaeum will be happy to provide any such assistance in exceptional cases (i.e., for participants arriving from abroad or far-way places). Any such requests should be sent/e-mailed to athenaeum2018@bim.edu in advance. Guest(s) concerned should bear the cost incurred for their local travel.

31. What are the places to see in TAMIL NADU and SOUTH INDIA?
Yes you do. The land of South India (and particularly Tamil Nadu) is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and amazing natural beauty.  It is blessed with several hill stations, waterfalls, backwaters, beaches, forts, forests, sanctuaries, boat house camps, churches and temples with marvellous architecture. For example, Ooty is a queen of hills in South India; Munnar is a heaven of peace and tranquillity; Alleppey is the musings of backwaters and many other attractions which can’t be missed. Chennai is accessible to all tourist attractions and pilgrim sites.

A video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBCdZbMv1Ak offers a glimpse into the incredible beauty and rich cultural heritage of South India. More details are being furnished in the Info section.

For any other queries please write to athenaeum2018@bim.edu  or call us at +91431-2520502/796

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