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  • Announcement: Registration Fee Waived off for Papers with Average Review Score >= 3.5 Authors of Full papers/WIP with average review score of 3.5 and above within first two reviews are eligible for free registration. This provision is available for maximum up to two authors in such papers. | ATHENAEUM for Young Scholars, 9-10 Feb 2018 Venue: IC&SR Building, IIT Madras Campus, Chennai.


'Athenaeum' is an international conference on Management research and practice conducted every year by "Center for Contemporary Management Research (CECMAR),” the research wing of Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM). Athenaeum, derived from the Greek word, “Athenion”, refers to the temple for the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. Greek history tells us that it is here where scholars congregated to deliberate and nurture philosophy.  True to its name, Athenaeum has been a confluence of academicians, research scholars, consultants, practitioners and industry leaders discussing and sharing ideas that could transform the future of Management.  This conference encourages and promotes quality research by waiving off registration fee completely to authors whose papers are better rated.

The event over two days intends to showcase scholarly work from the academia and industry providing professional forum for idea interchange.  Athenaeum has carved a niche for itself in the management research space as being an effective forum to discuss ideas in contemporary management, sowing seeds of innovation and development.  Earlier editions of Athenaeum have seen large scale participation from academic and non-academic worlds.  Delegates from countries such as USA, UK, France, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Israel, Taiwan, Pakistan and Ghana, etc., have participated and presented their scholarly works.  

Athenaeum contributes to the discipline and professional development across different areas of Management and offers a platform for researchers to improve and fine tune their research works. It has produced several quality research works, while offering opportunities to publish in (i) the Journal of Contemporary Management Research (JCMR), (ii) Proceedings of the Conference and (iii) Compendium on a specific central theme.

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